Recordings of Meetings

On occasion, the JRCS will be recording club meetings and presentations. These video recordings allow members who were unable to attend to view the proceedings. These recordings are in MP4 format, and should be viewable by any commercial media player. Simply click on the desired link to view the video.

Video Recordings of JRCS Meetings and Presentations

    2019 JRCS General Meeting at ANA WFOM - Louis Scuderi: John Reich: The Early Years (mp4, 3.32 GB, Aug 14)
    2019 BQCS General Meeting at ANA WFOM - Joey Lamonte: Proof Capped Bust Quarters (mp4, 1.95 GB, Aug 14)
    2019 BHNC General Meeting at ANA WFOM - Jim Koenings: Reeded Edge Halves (mp4, 2.43 GB, Aug 15)
    2020 JRCS General Meeting via Zoom - Sep 9 - Daryl Haynor: Classic Gold of 1834-1839 (mp4, 380 MB, Sep 9)
    2021 JRCS Zoom Meeting - Feb 17 - Winston Zack: Why CBHs Heavily Counterfeited? (mp4, 1.19 GB, Feb 17)
    2021 JRCS General Meeting at ANA WFOM - Richard Meaney: Capped Bust Half Dimes (mp4, 8.55 GB, Aug 11)