John Reich Journal Awards

For many years, the John Reich Journal has been one of the finest publications produced by a specialized numismatic organization. The articles are penned by many of its 450 members, many of whom are recognized experts on the subject of early Federal coinage. Each year the membership votes for the best article, and that author is awarded the Jules Reiver Literary Award.

Best JR Journal Articles
1986 - 1990

Volume 1
Bust Half Dollar Rarity Ratings 1807-1836 (BHNC) 2:11

Volume 2
Attributing 1827 Half Dollars (JRCS #017) 4:29

Volume 3
The Blevins Sale: Report and Commentary (Sheridan Downey, III) 8:19

Volume 4
Report of the Sale of Paul Munson’s Bust Half Dollar Collection (Sheridan Downey, III) 11:9

Volume 5
The Crushed Lettered Edge Bust Half Dollars of 1833-1836 (Russell J. Logan) 14:13

Jules Reiver Literary Award
1991 - date

Volume 6
The King of Siam Bust Half (1834 O-104) (Russell J. Logan) 16:29

Volume 7
Another Visit to Economy, Pennsylvania (John Kovach) 21:26

Volume 8
Obverse Die Dentil Analysis, Parts 1 & 2 - Capped Bust Halves, 1807-1836 (David Finkelstein) 22:8 & 24:6

Volume 9
Capped Bust Half Dollar Secrets: The Planchets (Edgar E. Souders) 27:30
Off Center Bust Half Dollars: A Definitive Description (Russell J. Logan) 28:14

Volume 10
Capped Bust Half Dollar Secrets:  The Stars (Edgar E. Souders) 29:26

Volume 11
Early Silver Dollar Die Marriages Discovered Since 1881 (W. David Perkins) 34:6
1801 Half Dimes - Revisited (Ed Price &  Jules Reiver) 35:28

Volume 12
Capped Bust Half Dollar Patterns and Related Issues (Russell J. Logan) 37:10

Volume 13
Capped Bust Half Dollar Secrets: The Lapping Process (Edgar E. Souders) 40:36

Volume 14
Capped Bust Half Dollar Secrets: The Denomination (Edgar E. Souders) 43:22

Volume 15
Early US Minting Methods Part III: The Presses and Striking (Craig Sholley) 46:15

Volume 16
The Enigmatic “E” and “L” Countermarked Quarters of 1815 & 1825: A New Hypothesis Regarding Their Origin, Purpose and Historical Context (Ted McAuley) 47:4

Volume 17
Counterstamps; A Numismatic Window to Our Historical Past (Steve Tompkins) 52:28

Volume 18
Robert Duphorne and the “Other” Bust Quarter Book (Louis Scuderi) 54:3

Volume 19
Martin Luther Beistle’s Bust Half Dollars (Bill Bugert) 56:31

Volume 20
Bust Half-Dollar Secrets: Broken Legend and Number Punches (Edgar Souders) 60:23

Jules Reiver Literary Award
1991 - date (continued)

Volume 21
The Case of the Missing Edge Letters (Henry R. Hilgard) 63:20

Volume 22
The David J. Davis Bust Dime Collection (John W. McCloskey) 66:27

Volume 23
How a Death, a Scandal, a Family Connection and Two Loyal Friends Contributed to Benjamin Rush’s Appointment as Treasurer of the United States Mint (David Finkelstein) 71:3

Volume 24
Yellow Fever & The Mint Closing of September 1, 1797 (David Finkelstein) 73:2

Volume 25
The Evolution of U.S. Minting Technology: The Rush & Muhlenberg Screw Press (Craig Sholley) 77:22

Volume 26
Dismissing the Castaing Machine Myth (Bradley S. Karoleff) 78:30

Volume 27
Who Deposited the Silver for the 1794 Dollars? (David Finkelstein, Joel J. Orosz, Len Augsburger) 83:7

Volume 28
The Dentils of Robert Scot and John Reich (James Ross) 85:3

Volume 29
Compositional Analysis for 1794 & 1795 Dated United States Silver Coins (David Finkelstein &
Christopher Pilliod) 88:3

Volume 30
Solving the Mystery of the J.H. South Sale (Stack’s May 24-25, 1951): The Role of Serendipity in Numismatic Research (Ted McAuley & Rory Rea) 91:26

Volume 31
Terminal Die Stage Knowledge Is Usually Necessary to Evaluate the Presence or Absence of a Full Cud (Jeffrey Friedman) 93:3

Volume 32
The Browning-Beistle Letters: Ard W. Browning Emerges from the Netherworld (Ted McAuley & Rory Rea) 97:17