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Members are encouraged to submit any articles encouraging the study of numismatics and/or relating to early United States silver coins to the editor. Especially needed are articles containing new information about die varieties, die states of published die varieties, attribution methods, collections, collectors, etc.

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Illus. Date Title
32 1 95 30 yes Mar 2022 Houck's Panacea
- General Information / General Information
Jeffrey, Oertel
2 2 5 16 Jul 1987 New Rarity Ratings for the Dime Book
- Dimes / Condition Census & Rarity
Joy, Michael
1 1 1 20 Dec 1985 Weak Strikes on Capped Bust Half Dollars
- Half Dollars / Striking/Mint Methods
JRCS #017,
2 1 4 29 Jan 1987 Attributing 1827 Half Dollars
- Half Dollars / Attribution/Grading
JRCS #017,
22 1 66 4 May 2012 Letter to the Editor - 1819 Mint Purchase of Punches
- The Mint / Dies & Hubs
Julian, R.W. (Bob)